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Sonda is small remote place surrounded with nature and enveloped with beauty. It is around 20 KMs from Sirsi Town of North Kanara.

The Sonda mutt is approached by road through beautiful, verdant, thick forests, tall hills and river.

As one nears the Sode Mutt, first to be sighted is the lake known as Hayagriva Samudra. Towards the west of this lake stands a Dvaja sthamba in front of the Rama Thrivikrama temple. Both the Lord's vehicles - the Hamsa and Garuda are depicted on this Dvaja sthamba.

The Rama Thrivikrama temple consists of three parts - the sanctum sanctorum with the lovely idol of Lord Thrivikrama, the stone chariot used for transporting the Lord's idol and the idol of Sri Lakshmi Devi in the chariot.

To the south of this temple stands a stone inscription recording the grant of land to the temple by Arasappa Nayaka and connected events

To the north of the temple and down some 24 steps is the Rajangana which also houses the mutt's offices. Here is the entrance to the mutt, the puja mandir (ananthaasana), stores and kitchen.

Further down a flight of 24 steps, is the 'Dhavala Ganga' pushkarini along with a smaller 'Sheethala Ganga' tank nearby. The waters of these tanks are believed to be a confluence of all holy rivers of India. Around the pushkarini are located several small temples consecrated by Sri Vadiraja Teertha-Sri Chandramouleshwara on the south, Sri Veera Anjaneya on the west, Sri Venugopalaswamy on the north.

Towards the east of the pushkarini is situated the pancha vrindavans with the vrindavan of Sri Vadiraja Teertha situated in the centre surrounded by four more vrindavans forming a perfect square. In front of the vrindavans is the temple for Sri Vedavyasa. On the right (to the south) of the vrindavans is the temple for the Kshetrapala - Bhootharaja. To the north is the naga vana.

Also situated near the pancha vrindavans are four moola vrindavans and five mruttika vrindavans.

The latest addition (inaugurated in 2000) is the Akhyaana Mandira situated in front of the pancha vrindavans.

Now a days Road signs will guide you to Sonda Mutt without any trouble.

Following are few information’s to reach to Sonda

Distance from Bangalore : 430 kilometers. Mysore is roughly the same distance.

Distance from Hubli : 120 kilometers away.

Distance from Sirsi : 22 kilometers.

Nearest Railway Stations : Haveri(100 kms), Hubli.

Nearest Airport : Hubli, Bangalore, Mangalore.

Lodging Facilities : Rooms are available through the temple administration itself, though they get full during weekends. If rooms are unavailable, administration will provide safe lockers @ Rs 5/- per day!

The temple provides lunch and dinner.

Sugama, VRL Logistics, Sea Bird travelers run daily buses to Sonda from Bangalore. You need to book in advance though. The buses reach Sonda around 7:30AM and leaves around 8:30PM. The departure time is not set in stone. The buses wait till the Bhoota Raja Bali and dinner is complete. KSRTC buses are available from Sirsi to Bangalore, Mysore and Hubli.

There are buses to Sirsi every two hours. In between, there are private shared Cabs running between Sirsi and Sonda. The last bus to Sirsi is at 5:15PM so one needs to plan well if returning from Sirsi.

Driving directions from Bangalore : Bangalore – Tumkur – Chitradurga – Haveri – Sirsi. From Sirsi, take the Yellapur highway and you will find signboards pointing towards Sode
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